Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Silhouettes of Marionettes

Everyone please take your seats,
The show's about to begin.
No cameras or recording devices,
Let the houselights dim.

The stage is set, actors ready,
A momentary reprise.
All is quiet. eyes focused,
Let the curtains rise.

Our story begins in a place,
Familiar to most of you here.
It's a solemn, regal space,
In a typical election year.

People have gathered in a room,
To watch a puppet show.
It's a common place affair,
That all good citizens know.

The puppets soon spring to life,
Oh the smiles they bring.
The audience soon forgets their strife,
And ignores the obvious strings.

Limply bouncing, loose arms swing,
The marionettes comically play.
They throw fake hats in political rings,
Spoken talents on display.

When the show is finally over,
The audience stands and cheers.
Several members make their way over,
To congratulate their peers.

No one gathered seems to notice,
The audience too has strings.
Their puppeteers are out of focus,
Supported by devilish wings.

The moral of the puppet show,
Was never really debated.
It painted most people naive and weak,
Easily manipulated.

Those in attendance soon realize,
The show they've all just seen,
Is a dramatic, comical satire,
Of a typical political scene.

The congregation has been fooled into thinking,
That their opinions really matter.
What seems to matter most to them,
Gets lost in the chitter chatter.

It's a show within a show,
Where audiences partake.
Look behind and you may find,
What's real is really fake.

The irony of hypocrisy,
Is politicians don't really care.
They're tendency toward selfish greed,
Exceeds their social flair.

We're swayed by those we believe,
Share our moral views.
They then lie, trick and deceive,
Reshape attitudes.

Unfortunately the majority,
Of those that we elect.
Rarely meet the conformity,
Of the righteous and select.

We're all living puppets,
With strings upon our backs.
Barely visible little wires,
Strategically attached.

Bureaucratic satirical pawns,
Political conned vets.
Statistics officials rely upon,
Silhouettes of marionettes.

Copyright © February 2010
Kevin Mooney


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