Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Recurring Nightmare

Visions keep flashing
Before my eyes.
My mind keeps rehashing,
Clear blue skies.
Planes keep crashing,
Into building sides.
Voices keep asking,
For reasons why.

Media speculation,
Terrorist ties.
Complete devastation,
World paralyzed.
Military hesitation?
Rumors denied.
Immediate retaliation.
Maneuvers formalized.

People falling,
Cries calling,
Glass keeps breaking,
Jihad keeps taking,
Glorified.Buildings keep crumbling,
Body's keep tumbling,
Falling like flies,
Children keep wondering,
Just who survived?
God's second coming,
You decide?

Apparitions walking,
Staring, not talking,
Ghostly illusions,
Prideful contusions,

Time keeps changing,
Anguished tides.
Years contemplating.
Pain, Suicide.
Mental whip lashings,
Daunting, inside.
Faces keep passing,
Hauntingly by.

Politicians keep masking,
Truth with their lies.
War keeps lasting,
Youth genocide?
People keep asking,
Proof still denied.
Terrorists keep basking,
In rueful self-pride.

Sooner or later,
They'll open their eyes.
See who's awake.
And who's hypnotized.
They'll see what's at stake,
Then realize,
It's been a bad dream,
They'd rather deny.
 Years of frustrations, still burning inside.
Fearful sensations still blurring the mind.
Repressed bad memories, the fear of reprise.

A recurring nightmare in a blurry disguise.

Copyright © September 2009
Kevin Mooney


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