Saturday, July 31, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Percy P. Orangutan,
Had a purple boomerang.
When he threw it,
People knew it,
Cause it made a real loud bang.

C.C. the Chimpanzee,
Liked to play hide and seek.
Now she's here,
Now she's gone.
She can play all day long.

Spunky their monkey friend.
Always likes to play pretend.
If you smile,
He smiles too.
Sometimes he acts just like you.

They all live at the local zoo,
And play together like kids do.
But all are shy and don't like when,
Other people are watching them.

One day Percy and C.C.,
Got together with Spunky.
They decided,To play a game.
So Percy grabbed his boomerang.

He picked it up and turned around,
But CC wasn't to be found.
Spunky fell down to the ground.
He did not make a sound.

Percy got worried then,
Both of them were his best friends.
Where the heck did C.C. go?
Poor old Percy did not know.

As for Spunky, he laid still,
Percy thought him dead or ill.
He went over to check on him,
That's when Spunky cracked a grin.

He could not contain himself,
They laughed so hard that Percy fell.
Just then CC reappeared,
Percy laughed then heard a cheer.

Right outside the looking glass,
A group of children had just passed.
They saw the threesome playing around,
Stood and watched without a sound.

Then the primates realized,
Much to all of their surprise,
Their playful pranks were recognized,
And brought sheer joy to children's eyes.

Then the three in unison,
Turned to see the children grin.
All together they grinned too.
As if it all had been on queue.

The children couldn't help but see,
The monkeys' curiosity.
Then they all jumped up and down,
And acted just like little clowns.

Spunky recognized their game,
Then decided to do the same.
So did Percy, then C.C.,
They all jumped 'round real silly.

Then the children hid their eyes,
The threesome decided to oblige.
They covered up their eyes too.
Then all together played peek-a-boo.

The kids then covered up their ears,
The monkeys did the same to cheers.
Then with their hands they hid mouths, too.
The three now knew just what to do.

Percy, Spunky and C.C.,
Were as happy as can be.
They played games all afternoon,
More hide and seek and pretend too.

The three primates sure had fun,
Playing games with everyone.
From that day on they weren't shy,
Especially when kids walked by.

Now outside you will find,
The primates have a brand new sign.
People come from near and far,
To see the brand new monkey stars.

It reads:

Welcome to the local zoo.
There's Orangutans, Chimps and monkeys too.
They like to play games with you.
Hide and Seek and Peek a Boo.
They imitate and pretend they're you.
They act just like they're your friend, too.
But their favorite game to do.
Is Monkey See and Monkey Do.

Copyright © July 2010
Kevin Mooney


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