Thursday, June 16, 2011

Impenetrable Calm

An oppressively hot day, sadistically long,
Accentuated by an impenetrable calm.
Temperature's rising, humidity's thick,
It compromises a thermometer stick.
Air pressure's soaring, no real relief,
Sweat keeps pouring beyond belief.
Cumulus clouds gather up high,
Thunderheads start to multiply
A black horizon far from norm,
Ushers an approaching storm.
Wind, hail and sheets of rain,
The exhale of a coming train.
A cylindrical cloud appears,
Cone-shaped gyro-sphere,
It drops down from above,
Sucks up all that we love.
Lives swept side to side,
In its vortex none survive.
A burst of sudden chaos.
The worst all that's lost.
Immeasurable, intense,
Lifetime consequence.
In an instant its done,
Lifetime gone in one.
Survivors rise to see.
A leftover tragedy.
Here one minute,
Gone the next.
Never sure
What to
In the

Copyright © June 2011
Kevin Mooney


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