Thursday, December 22, 2011

What Christmas Is All About

Anticipation begins and gradually kicks in,
While shopping days wane and disappear.
Excitement blends in and slowly transcends,
As traditions and good tidings reappear.

Children grow restless, as school days dwindle,
Their lists continue to grow.
Moms and Dads spend and find ways to rekindle,
The holiday spirit they know.

Houses are decorated inside and out,
Trees find new ways to glisten.
Mistletoe hangs and stories come out,
As eager ears strain to listen.

December days mount, while parents recount,
Fond memories of past gifts and toys.
Yuletide ghosts greet the heavenly host,
Through time spent together, love and joy.

These days it seems, not everyones' dreams,
Are packaged and adorned with bows.
Those without means go to extremes,
Just for food, shelter and warm clothes.

This winter's eve, try to conceive,
Of those with no gifts to give out.
Help children believe, to give's to receive,
It's what Christmas is all about.

Copyright © December 2009
Kevin Mooney


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