Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Scent of Summer Rain

I love the scent of a summer rain
When it's overdue.
It cleanses away pollen stains,
Left speckled by the dew.

It quenches thirsts for subtlety,
It eases mental strains.
It's essence has a fragrancy,
That settles idle brains.

It softens sun baked window panes,
Cleans soil-caked, dusty feet.
So often it's unjustly blamed,
For flooded urban streets.

My soul is cleansed of temperate pain
As it pours in tearful sheets.
An effervescent cool refrain,
From torrid summer heat.

Often spurred by hurricanes,
They scour pale grey skies.
Tornadic and Cyclonic remains,
Empower rivers to rise.

Drizzles sweet as sugar cane,
Spark waterfall overflows.
Hailstones in it's quake proclaim,
Majestic arched rainbows.

I yearn for dawn's passionate disdain,
The rumble of turbulent skies.
Those days when thunderhead clouds contain,
Teardrops for weathered eyes.

Burdens wash down bubbling drains,
Skies turn vibrantly blue.
They still a mind's quiet refrain.
Make the whole world feel brand new.

Copyright © May 2010
Kevin Mooney



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