Thursday, October 4, 2012

Today's Just Not The Same

Our 10 year old Labradoodle, Daphne, died suddenly and unexpectedly, this morning. She lived a wonderful life. This is dedicated to her...

I lost a childhood friend today,
One I loved so much.
She was always there for me,
Wanting to be touched.
A loyal friend,
To the end,
I'll miss her very much.

I lost a bit of shadow today,
It's no where to be found.
My world seems somewhat emptier,
With it not around.
There's a pair,
Of empty chairs,
With no familiar sound.

I lost a true companion today,
A loyal, devoted fan.
One I always counted on,
To nudge my idle hand.
No cold, wet nose,
Or cuddles close,
Every now and then.

I lost a piece of me today,
A piece I can't regain.
I pray that she's at peace today,
In her new domain.
It's hard to say,
She's gone away,
Today's just not the same

Sleep well Daph. We'll miss you very much...

Daphne Mooney (March 2002- October 2012)

Copyright © October 2012
Kevin Mooney


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