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Monday, August 9, 2010

Shoo-fly Pie

What the heck is shoo-fly pie?
It sounds gross to me.
I could never, ever try,
An bug baked pastry.

Who will try this shoo-fly pie?
It looks so darn yummy.
There's no way, the reason why,
Is I'm no darn dummy.

Shoo-fly pie has no flies,
That's a fallacy.
Sugar, molasses, eggs and spice,
Comprise the recipe.

So why do flies like shoo-fly pie,
What's it that they see?
Flies have eyes that often spy,
Things sweet, warm and nasty.

If you try and shoo the flies,
I'll try your shoo-fly pie.
Shoo the flies so that I,
Don't eat flies that fly by.

I took a bite and you were right,
I do like shoo-fly pie.
But If I might, be polite,
Next time you decide to ask us.

More folks might, take more bites,
Of this pie you so like,
Made with sugar and spice just right,
If you just called it molasses.

Copyright © August 2010
Kevin Mooney


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