Friday, November 26, 2010

Elliot Garfield Where You Been?

American Graffiti first big film,
Close encounter with alien.
Always good for laughter and thrills,
Did well down in Beverly Hills,
Early graduate with Hoffman and Ross,
Made Simon's Yonkers seem less lost.
Young Baby Face in Dillinger,
American President's Senator.
What about Bob's psychiatrist,
A music teacher with own Opus.
Richard the third gimped gay with lisp,
Dickens Fagin in Oliver Twist.
Won Oscar for brilliant Goodbye,
In Jaws younger, resilient guy.
Narrowly escaped great white at sea,
Narrator in King's dark Stand By Me,
In Stakeout sleuth-ed with Esteves,
Nuts lawyer proved who Streisand is.
Gained acclaim as Mister Holland,
Aptly named Doctor Leo Marvin.
Cast as Quad in Clark's Whose Life,
Tin Men mocked "Balmur" life.
Offered London Producer's fame,
Replaced as Max by Nathan Lane.

Copyright © November 2010
Kevin Mooney


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