Sunday, December 5, 2010

You're Still a Good Man To Me

To all you Peanuts fans...

Oh Charlie Brown, you bumbling clown,
You call that a Christmas tree?
Everyone knows how your story goes,
Your riff with old Lucy.

Linus seems to understand,
With that blanket in his hand.
Snoopy knows that you're the man,
He's always been you're closest friend.

With sister Sally by your side,
And Schroeder's piano playing pride.
Maybe Violet's a better bride,
Instead of that red headed girl.

Pigpen needs a bath each day,
Woodstock only wants to play,
Is Peppermint Patty straight or gay?
Only Marcie can really say.

Does Snoopy's dog house have a bed?
Have alter egos gone to his head?
Is he a World War flying ace,
Or Joe Cool with a jazzy face?

Why do you stand on the pitcher's mound,
While all you teammates goof around?
When will Lucy have the gall,
To let you kick that stupid football?

Why don't grownups ever speak?
Is Mr. Brown a social geek?
Do the van Pelts really exist?
Why do your teachers speak like this?

Mwa, mwa, mwa. Mwa, mwa, mwa.

Oh Charlie Brown, just look around.
Why was your head drawn so round?
Was there a time you had hair?
What's with that silly shirt you wear?

I suppose Charles Schultz drew you,
Cause in ourselves we see you too.
All I know, as a Peanuts fan,
Charlie Brown, you're still a good me.

Thank you Charles so much.

Copyright © December 2010
Kevin Mooney


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