Sunday, January 16, 2011

Excitement of a Touch

Reflections of young innocence hidden in the mind,
Recollections, time well spent, memories left behind.
Connections form a labyrinth of feelings unrefined.
Learning from relationships, facing uphill climbs,
Discerning all the joys and slips, retracing steps in time.
Yearning for acceptance, embracing every sign.
Reaffirming countenance, moving forward blind.
Sensual sensations soon start to unwind,
Revealing hidden frailties, temptations long confined.
Reaching toward its virile force, finding peace of mind,
Feeling for its surreal source, that one and only kind.
Tingling from that sense you feel, pleasures intertwined.
Knowing that with confidence true treasures you will find.
Appealing expressed consciousness, temperatures soon climb.
Reeling from fluxed willingness, conjectures swoon sublime.
Realizing penned up passions, enticement's mental clutch,
Consensual inner spasms, the excitement of a touch.

Copyright © January 2011
Kevin Mooney


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