Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Greater Love

 This poem is written to the wonderful accompanying painting by my friend Paul McGehee called "Faithful Companion".  Be sure to check out all of Paul's art.  He is  a very talented local artist...

There's no love like a dog's,
When you're feeling blue.
It wags its tail, licks your hand,
Then cuddles close to you.

It never has a motive,
Mopes or just complains.
Its love is unconditional,
Loyalty remains.

A dog's love is pure love,
Precious, sure and true.
It can tell and understands,
When somethings bothering you.

They never have resentment,
Balk or show dismay.
Their sole source of contentment,
Is attention and want of play.

They never have an objection.
Never hold a grudge.
They vie for your affection.
With a bark or cold nose nudge.

They love you just the way you are,
Stay right by your side.
They treat you like a movie star,
Without a reason why.

And when their time has finally come,
They don't raise a peep.
They wag their tail, look at you,
Then quietly go to sleep.

Copyright © March 2011
Kevin Mooney


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