Sunday, September 4, 2011

Men From Mars

Men from Mars can be found in bars,
In trench-coats and strange looking hats.
They drink alone,
Or with their own.
Avoid crowds and social contact.

Men from Mars drive plain looking cars,
Usually live by themselves.
They wear a disguise,
To hide their eyes.
Like turtles, retreat in their shells.

Men from Mars have hidden scars,
That others don't ever see.
They've been places,
Seen foreign faces.
Witnessed what would frighten you and me.

Men from Mars fill empty jars,
With collections of specimens and debris.
Bottled up samples,
Ill-gotten examples,
Recollections of past misery.

Men from Mars have fought in wars,
That other men cannot believe.
They survived,
Barely alive.
To be examined, probed and studied.

Men from Mars look to the stars,
For hope and a chance to be free.
The Martian landscape,
Provides an escape,
A place they'd much rather be.

Men from Mars, imagine they are.
Aliens and monstrosities.
Left behind,
Virtually blind,
Victims of man's atrocities.

Men from Mars have traveled far,
Crossed intergalactic seas.
Searching to find,
Signs left behind.
Penchants of what used to be.

Remnants of their own sanity.

Copyright © September 2011
Kevin Mooney


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