Sunday, August 28, 2011

Itty-Bitty Persian Kitty

Itty-bitty Persian kitty,
You're so small, soft and pretty.
You sit and watch all you can.
Fit right in the palm of my hand,

Little Persian kitty cat,
Where the heck are you at?
You're always playing hide 'n seek,
Getting sillier week to week.

You're the cutest little kitten,
Feel just like a fuzzy mitten.
A fluffy, fuzzy ball of fur,
Always causing such a stir.

I love to watch you chase your ball,
When I roll it down the hall.
You use your paws to claw at things,
Fingers, toys and dangling strings.

You have a funny little mug,
It's scrunchy like a feline pug.
You barely weigh an ounce or two,
Pounce on everything that moves.

I'm not sure how big you'll get.
You'll never be the biggest pet.
I just pray you'll always stay,
Cute and cuddly and like to play.

My itty-bitty feline friend,
I'll love you dearly, thick or thin.
And when you've grown old and fat,
You'll still be my favorite cat.

Copyright © August 2011
Kevin Mooney


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