Friday, August 26, 2011

A Gunslinger's Last Request

To whom it may concern:

Bury my bones on 'Ole Boot Hill,
Down El Paso way.
I'm at the end of life's lonesome trail,
I'm saying goodbye today.

I've ridden many dusty roads,
I've killed a man or two.
The way I see it, I suppose,
My time's 'bout overdue.

I've outrun my share of lawman,
Escaped many a mess.
I've outdrawn lesser gunmen,
Was faster then all the rest.

I been lucky up to now,
Life's been good to me.
The time's come now to bid farewell,
I do so honorably.

Bury me up on 'Ole Boot Hill,
With my Colt 45.
Lay me in my spurs and heals,
Arms crossed, not at my side.

No need for tears, no need to pray,
Just a board or stone,
Not in too shallow a grave.
To rest my weary bones.

Bury me up on 'Ole Boot Hill,
Before my flesh decays.
As for any parting words,
Here's what they should say:

In this grave are 'Ole Pete's bones,
The fastest gun these parts have known.
Spent most his life on the run.
He finally met a faster gun.

Copyright © August 2011
Kevin Mooney


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