Friday, November 2, 2012

Grow Old With Me

To my wife Tracey. She completes me...

Come sit beside me,
Let's reflect a while.
When you're near it's soothing,
I've always loved your smile.

Our world's ever changing,
A perpetual turnstile.
Life's been entertaining,
I've cherished every mile.

As our years are waning,
It's become plain to see,
We're jointly self-sustaining,
Together, meant to be.

So grasp my hand firmly,
Approach the setting sun,
Side by side we'll journey,
Not as two, but one.

As we near the pinnacle of,
Our co-eternal quest,
Take solace in the knowledge,
Together we are best.

For each and every by-way,
Toward eternity,
Will grace our voyage sky-way,
As you grow old with me.

Copyright © September 2009
Kevin Mooney


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