Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Walls of Flame - Hearts of Fame

Where have you gone our brave young sons,
Where have you gone and why?
To fight new battles, to rid new wrongs,
To protect new mountain sides?

Where have you gone young Hotshots,
Where do your souls now lie?
In heaven above and beyond,
Where do you now abide?

Granite mountains bear your names,
Etched forever in time.
Walls of flames cannot burn away,
Your legacy left behind.

Wherever you've gone my brave young throng,
Have a wonderful ride.
Your families will never do no wrong,
We'll always be by their side.

The walls of flame that remain,
Cannot contain the tide.
Halls of fame will bear your names,
Gratitude never subside.

Wherever you've gone our brave young sons,
Rest peacefully by God's side.
Your work is done, your fight's been won,
Carry yourselves with pride.

Your memory will never die.
Copyright © July 2013
Kevin Mooney


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