Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hear The People

I wrote this poem in October of 1980. My astronomy professor in college was a big No Nukes freak and Einstein fan. He convinced me...

On one occasion, There came an invasion,
Without preparation,
On the People

They squirmed in frustration,
Cried of starvation,
Damned the duration,
Did the People.

A once sovereign nation,
Faced obliteration,
"God save your creation,"
Cried the People.

There was then a sensation,
Complete devastation,
No more evasion,
For the People.

The Ninth Revelation,
Einstein's equation,
Ensured elimination,
Beyond recreation,
Hear the people!

Hear the People?

No more People.

Copyright © October 1980
Kevin Mooney


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