Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Severna Park

Dedicated to town I live in...

Nestled deep in the Chesapeake,
A town that folks adore.
Quietly lies,
Surrounded by,
Miles and miles of shore.

Wedged between two rivers,
Linking north to south,
The Magothy weaves,
While the Severn recedes,
Converging at each other's mouth.

Enriched with watershed wildlife,
Nurtured by the Bay,
Blue heron's stand,
In crab filled sands,
While fishermen earn their pay.

Lauded for history and culture,
A picturesque Atlantic gem.
Visitors seek,
A vestal peek,
Through Folger McKinsey's pen.

A summertime antique getaway,
Where beaches spill into backyards.
Cypress trees bend,
While seasons blend,
Into pastoral living postcards.

Baltimore's southern neighbor,
Anne Arundel's northern jewel.
Slips with yachts,
Challenge long wooden docks,
As schooners and sailboats rule.

In the shadow of old Annapolis,
Generations wind on forever,
Seafood feasts,
And iconic treats,
Severna Park, a Maryland treasure.

Copyright © December 2009
Kevin Mooney


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