Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Elwood P. Dowd Revisited

Most folks were proud of Elwood P. Dowd,
His demeanor and strict social grace.
He never prejudged,
Or ever begrudged
Those fortunate to enter his space.

He was quite a gentleman to friends and kin,
Seemed always quick with a quip.
Those folks who knew him,
Could see right through him,
Elwood always enjoyed a good nip.

His family was tolerant, often despondent,
He never hurt or caused anybody harm.
When away from his home,
His quirks were well known.
Many felt he should be on a funny farm.

Dowd went to great ends, to make new friends,
Most found him quite debonair.
Eccentric yet humble,
With never a grumble,
The man had distinct social flair.

What folks questioned most, was his one friend of boast,
One invisible to all those but him.
A rarely seen host,
A virtual ghost.
That Elwood always treated like kin.

He was six foot or more, a pooka of lore,
Starch white with two pointed ears.
He wore a black bowler,
That made him look older,
He often drew disjointed jeers.

Despite his affection and lack of reflection,
Dowd's acquaintance was to others referred,
A blind trepidation,
A figment's imagination,
A voice that fellow brothers never heard.

As others cast doubts, Elwood always looked out,
For his comrade and true trusted friend.
Folks could never see,
His stout loyalty,
His devotion and commitment to the end.

Some live their lives, just trying to survive,
Make it from one day to the next.
They move through life's scenes,
Invisible it seems,
To those who could barely care less.

One's social discord, inability to afford,
Life's wishes and indulgent pleasures.
Is never just cause,
To be shunned and appalled,
By those rich in abundance and treasurers.

Though Elwood P. Dowd stood out in a crowd,
He was wealthy in stature and habit.
Visibility didn't shroud,
The joy Elwood found,
In every man, woman, child and six foot rabbit.

Thank you Harvey.

Copyright © November 2009
Kevin Mooney


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