Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bathed In Innocense

A newborn child's fingertips,
It's teeny, tiny toes.
Innocent eyes, warm pink lips,
Perfect ears and nose.

The fluffy down of a baby chick.
The march of a mother duck.
A teetering foal's first full kick,
A baby calf's first suck.

The whisper of a heartfelt hymn,
That tingle that you get.
The rising of a new day's sun,
It's final evening set.

The whistle of a distant train.
The coming of a storm.
The quench of an overdue rain,
The quiet of the morn.

Special moments that we feel,
Those we share and sense.
An experience uniquely real,
Bathed in innocence.

Copyright © July 2011
Kevin Mooney


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  1. This is a Beauty, I adore the acompanyin' Pic...