Friday, July 15, 2011

A Unique Eulogy

To all those gathered here...

Please don't mourn for me this day,
Celebrate instead.
Remember all the good times had,
All the things we did.

As I gaze upon the faces,
Of those I won't forget.
I thank God for all His grace,
I have no true regrets.

To all the friends that I hold dear,
Your thoughts now comfort me.
There's no need to shed a tear,
For I've lived life fully.

To my children and to theirs,
I cherish the memories.
I live in you, I'll be there,
To guide you in your dreams.

To my beloved, my one true love,
The one I'll miss the most.
Please be strong for both of us,
Know I'm always close.

Without you by my side,
I'd be an empty frame.
You're my rock, my everything,
I know you feel the same.

Live your life joyfully,
We'll soon reunite.
And be together eternally,
In God's majestic light.

Copyright © July 2011
Kevin Mooney


1 comment:

  1. A most truly warm Eulogy...
    You have a way with touchin' a Soul, with words from Heaven...Beautiful!