Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fallen Fathers, Forgotten Sons

As dawn breaks,
The heavens wake,
To earth's new tapestry.

The seeds we've sewn,
The men we've known,
Lie still, prone reverently.

Spirits of those,
That history knows,
Pride buried nationwide.

Our forefather's ghosts,
Our heavenly hosts,
Line meadows and countrysides.

Fallen Fathers,
Forgotten sons,
Fought for you and for me.
Those that died,
Gave their lives,
For honor and liberty.

Fields now lay,
In groomed decay,
Fertilized with the dead.

Lined with stones,
Eternal homes,
Soil hallowed and bravely fed.

Gravestones reveal,
What loved ones feel,
The sacrifices made,

Those won and lost,
The heartfelt costs.
The ultimate prices paid,

Fallen Fathers,
Forgotten sons,
Died with dignity.
Their families cried,
For their unselfish pride,
Their heroic bravery.

For their family,
For their country,
For Generals, Gods and Kings.

Buried deep,
They quietly sleep,
As Angels silently sing.

Some remembered,
Some forgotten,
Some ashes in the wind.

They fought for freedom,
They fought for justice,
Fought so we all could win.

Fallen Fathers,
Forgotten daughters,
Live forever in our hearts and minds.
Our tranquility,
And prosperity,
Are their legacies left behind.

Let's honor those,
Fallen heroes,
Those before us that died.

Bow heads in prayer,
Then silently share,
Our blessings from deep inside.

The men and women,
The sons and daughters,
The husbands and the wives.

Those that suffered,
Died for others.
That so valiantly gave their lives.

Fallen Fathers,
Unforgotten ones,
You are our nation's pride.
Let children sing,
And church bells ring,
Fly Good 'Ole Glory high.

So live forever,
Know things are better,
That your souls are sanctified.

Never fear,
We are always here,
To lay flowers by your side.

Your work is complete,
Now comfortably sleep,
You're remembered through tear stained eyes.

Let Father's who've fallen,
Never be forgotten.
Let their memories be memorialized.

Copyright © May 2010

Kevin Mooney



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