Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Daredevils of the modern world.
Braving speeds that will blow your mind,
Thrill seeking men, women, boys and girls.
Craving needs of the G-Force kind.

Millions of cases of addicted hysteria,
Bands of brothers in a wild industry,
Flying through spaces in restricted areas.
Expanding each others child fantasy.

Lines upon lines that reek anticipation.
Waiting on ends for more than an hour.
Signs of the times that reach 'cross a nation,
Invigorating friends to explore the power.

Strapped inside a fiberglass space,
Anxiously awaiting that moment when.
Relaxed and sure locked bars are in place.
As the cars lurch forward, the ride begins.

Streaking from zero to 60 in seconds.
Climbing mountains into wood and steal skies,
Breaking 100 with screaming shrill beckons.
Free falling down with tear filled eyes.

Twisting and turning through loops and bends,
Flying both sideways and upside down,
Resisting yet yearning the ride never end.
Relying on science to avoid the ground.

Reaching speeds beyond belief,
Soaring weightless, hands up then in,
Adrenalin feeds of fond relief.
Coming to rest, then begin again.

Children of the new millennium,
Ignoring death and gravity,
An unnatural phenomenon,
Performing feats of insanity.

One day the world will look back and see,
The youth of today's unbridled passion.
How daring and crazy so many can be,
Their true coastermania idolization.

Copyright © September 2010
Kevin Mooney


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