Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Fourth Mr. Mapother

This is an acrostic...

Had Renee when he first said hello,
Endlessly loved his first picture show.
Fourth of July earned little fan fare,
Eyes weren't shut when Nicole was there.
Lost that loving feeling most nights,
Top of his class in F-fighter flights.
Thundered 'round tracks, earned racing stripes,
Had fun as Joel Goodson in his tighty whites.
Earned respect as Rain Man's brother,
Needed right moves to impress others.
Early Taps showed temper and dark sides,
Empties were juggled in Cocktail bar sites.
Did impossible missions both far and away,
Few good men proved more than a play.
Ordered Jessup from Guantanomo Bay,
Revisited War of Worlds as Ray.
Spent many a night under Vanilla Skies,
Played a civil war hero turned Samurai.
Enticed new wife Katie, passed another Cruz by.
Even Cuba and Newman sought his dollar side,
Did movie that featured the Bob Seger slide.

Copyright © September 2009
Kevin Mooney

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