Wednesday, September 8, 2010

They're Only The Piano Players

Someone saved his life one nighT
In an empty sky, he rose quite higH.
Rocketed charts with a Man that would bE
Eventually saw Daniel in a plane wavinG,
Levon brought madmen across water toO,
Taught the world what a crocodile could dO.
One of his songs was of the Your kinD,
Never believed dancers too tiny or weaK.
His captain fantastic was no EinsteiN,
Electrified Bennie and freed 'ole PhilI.
Remembered Marilyn and Diana in sonG,
Circle of life made the whole world sigH.
Ushered bitch back, gave censor's a taunT,
Lucidly found diamonds made Lucy much higheR.
Earned critical acclaim for Lion songs sireD,
Said adieu to brick road we all kneW,
Joined hall's few, wore an island girl's leI.
Orchestrated pinball song that he sanG,
Hated sundowns and sad songs so mucH.
Nikita, not Aida, was another Bernie cuT.

Bronx big shot to his Levittown creW,
It's still rock 'n roll to him, you and I.
Got fires started without any fueL,
Allentown's factories are still on triaL.
Pressure's paranoia was Captain Jack's alibI,
Played Leningrad to ease cold war hysteriA.
Listed Movin' Out as his Broadway symposiuM,
Entertainer extraordinaire when at venue or stadiuM.
Stranger struck a flare of colloquial euphoriA,
Piano man rare with an innocent man-terioR.
Induced a lust for the Italian restauranT,
A matter of trust for great wine and spaghettI.
New York state of mind's where his music begaN,
On tour these days with UK's Elton J.
Good night Saigon touched veteran and herO.
Uptown girl Christie played real life wife rolE,
You may be right, his honesty's about souL.

Copyright © September 2010
Kevin Mooney


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