Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whatchu Mean Willis?

This is an acrostic...

West German born, New Jersey bred,
Actor, moonlighting musician it's said.
Learned baby talk with Kirsty and John,
Took world by storm with his first die hard-on.
Ever the comic with Bonfire friends,
Revered and iconic in Armageddon.

Twelve monkey's fifth element brought sci-fi calls,
Hudson Hawk's relevance helped remake Jackal.
Electrified audiences in Quentin's Pulp Fiction,

Off-screen wife Demi was public addiction.
Tarrentino teamed him with Travolta and Jackson,
His audiences screamed at his sixth sense reaction.
Even his voice can be over the hedge,
Rendered unbreakable, kept Elijah on edge.

Blues recording artist of little known fame,
Return of Bruno was his initial album's name.
Ultimate P.O.W. in Hart's Wartime prison,
Cartoon-like P.O. in Miller's city of sin.
Every-man's man, whose fans want him to win.

Copyright © September 2010
Kevin Mooney


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