Saturday, February 22, 2014


I open my eyes,
Am I still alive?
Or am I caught in some sort of dream?
The last thing I remember,
Was getting ready to drive
From my house to the Dairy Queen.

I'm lying restrained,
Looking at the sky.
I can't figure out where the hell I am.
My body's tingling,
My mouth parched and dry.
I can't feel my feet or my hands.

A face looks down on me,
I look up, wonder why.
None of it makes any sense.
I try to whisper,
Am I going to die?
The look turns from curious to a wince.

The eyes are peculiar,
Out of proportion.
They don't even look human at all.
Then another face appears.
A light and distortion.
I try once again to recall.

I climbed into my truck,
Put the key in the ignition.
I remember a strange clicking sound.
A sudden bright light.
Blinded all recognition,
Next I was here lying down.

All is blank,
My memory thin,
How the hell did I ever get here?
Was I in an accident?
Is this an ambulance I'm in?
Are these Angels or the Grim Reaper I fear?

My head's kinda groggy,
I'm falling asleep,
My thoughts drift slowly to a blur.
I think I hear voices,
The tests are complete,
I suddenly start to stir.

I open my eyes,
And to my surprise,
I'm back in the front seat of my truck.
The windows are down,
I try to surmise,
I ask myself, "What the Fuck?"

I grab the wheel,
Shake my head,
Get out to ward off my fright.
A silent cool breeze,
Makes me look overhead,
Just in time to see a slow moving light.

It glides to the east,
Without any sound,
Then suddenly blends into the night.
Still shaking a bit,
I look all around,
What was this unearthly sight?

I close my eyes,
Lean against my truck,
Recount steps before interrupted.
I say a soft prayer,
For reassurance and blind luck,
I believe I have just been abducted.

Copyright © November 2009
Kevin Mooney


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