Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Little Miss

This is an acrostic...

She was the twinkle in America's eye,
 Heaven sent Angel in a depressed time.
 Image of innocence, talent supreme,
 Radiant child star of the silver screen.
 Little Miss Marker made 'em Stand up And Cheer,
 Eventual Bright Eyed, star of the year.
 Youngest to grace Grauman's walkway,
 The Good Ship Lollipop castaway.
 Everyone's adorable Curly Top kid,
 Millions recall films and songs that she did.
 Poor Little Rich Girl with Dimples and doo,
 Littlest Colonel and Rebel too.
 Even Stowaway and January had
 Big screen appeal during times that were bad.
 Little Miss, Heidi and Willie Winkie,
 Animal Crackers in Soup aplenty.
 Considered to don role of Dorothy Gale,
 Kindred icon, internationally hailed.

Copyright © February 2014
 Kevin Mooney


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