Saturday, February 22, 2014

God's Perfect Angel

Last night I saw an Angel looking down at me,
She peered through sad, tearful eyes, that twinkled radiantly.
Her skin looked alabaster beneath fanned golden hair.
I tried to look right past her, as if she wasn't there.

Her wings were like a turtle dove's, white and shoulder high,
Attached to the middle of her back, hung just below her thigh.
She wore a sheer flowing gown that rippled in a wind,
A colorful floral crown sat perched majestically on her head.

She looked as if she knew me, her questions went unsaid.
Her stare went right through me as she floated above my bed.
She hovered there like a cloud, her visage quite serene,
It was like some ghostly shroud you'd see on a movie screen.

She looked faintly familiar, her face I was sure I'd seen.
Like a Fairy Princess, a celestial virgin Queen.
I thought I heard her whisper, only her lips never came apart.
I couldn't decipher the message she so desperately tried to impart.

Then I heard faint music and her voice rose gradually,
The two blended all together, in perfect harmony.
Then a chorus of unseen Angels joined the sing-along.
All their voices soon converged into one acapellic song.

Their words were hard to muster, their voices were not clear.
The melody was kind of eerie, a Gothic, chant-like cheer.
The Angel then put her hands together as if in silent prayer.
The room became eerily quiet.  I wasn't sure she knew I was there.

Was this all a hypnotic muse? Something seemed desperately wrong.
A self-conceived nightmarish dream where I did not belong?
The music slowly faded away as her eyes began to tear.
Her vision seemed to waver a bit, then slowly disappear.

The Angel then turned to vapor as the fan wisped her away,
There seemed to be no rational point in asking her to stay.
The room smelled somewhat musty, a slight coolness filled the air.
I layed there for a little while, then bowed my head in prayer.

Had all this been an hallucination? Was my mind playing tricks on me?
Or was this some divine revelation that God wanted me to see?
When I woke up the next morning it all seemed like a dream,
I searched around everywhere for proof of what I believed I'd seen.

In my mind I questioned whether it was truly real or fake,
It sure didn't feel like an illusion.  I swear I was awake.
As I got prepared for work, I turned on the T.V. set.
I searched and found the morning news.  The lead story said...

A little girl had just been found, initially feared for dead.
Her mouth and limbs had been bound, a bag was over her head.
Someone mysteriously phoned a tip, they'd left an anonymous word,
Authorities were precisely lead to a place where strange music had been heard.

As they entered the chamber of horrors where the young girl was kept,
She was found unharmed, though scared, while upstairs her captor slept.
The room was cool and musty, a slight vapor filled the air.
They searched for the source of the strange music but couldn't find it anywhere.

They flashed the young girls picture.  She'd been missing for days it seemed,
Suddenly I was struck with awe as I looked at the television screen.
For I knew at that very moment my vision was not a dream.
There was God's Perfect Angel, the one that I had seen.

Copyright © August 2009
Kevin Mooney


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