Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Spurious Bull Frog

There once was a spurious Bull Frog,
Who sat curious on an old wooden log.
He thought pensively,
What his life would be,
If instead he'd been born a Bull Dog.

Oh what a life that would be,
No strife only prosperity.
Trade rib-its for barks,
Take long walks in parks,
Live and nap in the lap of luxury.

Instead of mosquitoes and flies,
He'd eat food that others would buy.
He'd trade in his croaks,
For a few doggy jokes,
Wag his tail as folks walked by.

Of course life as a frog's not too bad,
There's no fences or leashes to be had.
While munching his lunch,
He had a new hunch,
To houses he'd prefer lily pads.

And as the curious spurious Bull Frog,
Considered his mysterious bog,
It occurred to him,
To jump and swim,
Was more luxurious than being a Bull Dog.

Copyright © June 2010
Kevin Mooney


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