Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Good Humor Man

Hark, what yonder tinkle breaks,
The still silence of the air,
Tis a knight dressed all in white,
Weilding stocks of frozen ware.

Yea, ye nave of Youngstown,
Carried forth upon adorned white truck.
Spare thy neighbor a cold cool treat,
Erst he be forsook.

Ring thy magical bells, me Lord,
Chimed beacons to women and child.
The Pied Piper of suburban streets.
Moves slowly through the wild.

Anchor there upon yonder corner,
To peddle a stick or two.
Sandwiches filled with solid cream,
Should satisfy a few.

Waffled cones with cold creamy delight,
Topped with sweet milk chocolate lids.
Dreamy sickles of orange and white,
Seem popular among many of the kids.

Oncest thou mission is complete,
As dusk eases cross yawning land.
Take heed of this urban Wizard of Lore,
The one called The Good Humor Man.

Copyright © July 2009
Kevin Mooney


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