Thursday, February 13, 2014

Twenty Tiny Angels

Twenty tiny Angels,
Nestled in classrooms.
Twenty tiny Angels,
Vessel-ed in cask tombs.

Innocent little Angels
Sitting at their desks.
Innocent little Angels,
Solemnly laid to rest.

Eleven days till Christmas,
No more Santa Clause.
Heaven now be with us,
Comfort those that lost.

Defenseless tiny victims,
A senseless tragedy.
God is now with them,
For posterity.

Solitary survivors,
Scathed with agony.
Forever the reminders,
How tragic life can be.

Let their story grip us,
To our very core.
Pray their souls' be with us,
For now and evermore.

Are we all oblivious?
We all must stop and pause.
How can God forgive us?
Is it worth a social cause?

Twenty tiny Angels
Played in tiny rooms.
Twenty timeless Angels,
Displayed in tiny tombs.

Twenty little angels,
Rest now peacefully,
Constant reminders,
Reflections of you and me.

For eternity...

Copyright © February 2014
Kevin Mooney


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