Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Albino Rhino


There once was an albino rhino,
The only such rhino I know.
He was certainly a sight,
A pale ghostly white,
No color from horn tip to toe.


All of the regular grey rhinos,
Found him somewhat absurd.
He never socialized,
Was often ostracised,
From their otherwise, colorized world.


One day the albino rhino,
Met a pink phosphorescent elephant.
He didn't know,
An elephant could glow,
But saw her special and like him different.


They became best friends which was rare,
Ignored random gawks, laughs and stares.
After awhile,
All the elephants smiled,
Saw them as an interesting pair.


One day some hunters came by,
Thought they'd give elephants a try.
The grey rhinos knew,
There was nothing they could do,
But stay back and not question why.


But the albino rhino couldn't stand,
To watch his friend's slaughtered by man.
He considered the situation,
Then in sheer desperation,
He decided to execute a plan.


As the hunters drew close and took aim,
That's when the first charge up and came.
From dust that was stirred,
Came the cloudy white blur,
Of a ghostly rhinoceros frame.


Slightly rattled and somewhat confused.
The hunters were not that amused.
Though something charged by,
In the blink of an eye,
Their deadly efforts would not be refused.


Having had their first shots deterred,
They refocused, regrouped and conferred.
Dug themselves in,
Retried once again,
And took aim at the pachyderm herd.


Suddenly the earth shook and swayed,
The hunters turned, looked in dismay.
Toward them rumbling loud,
Came an enormous tumbling cloud,
And sharp horns of a rhino parade.


Without time to regress or refrain,
And no one but themselves to blame,
The hunters bid adieu,
Then backed off and flew,
Leaving guns and sought after game.


When the clouds of dust had all cleared,
Two crowds of musk appeared.
They stood tusk to face,
Each distinctive race,
Then both elephants and rhinos all cheered.


As a great celebration began,
The rhinos regathered their clan.
But off to the side,
Attempting to hide,
Was the albino rhino that first ran.


Together with horns and trunks raised,
The two herds offered honor and praise,
To the Albino Rhino,
They all now loved so,
For his courage and unselfish ways.


As for his precious pink friend,
The rhino remained loyal to the end.
Despite her big ears,
She never had fears,
Of standing out in a crowd again.


The moral of this story should make sense,
Don't worry if you have a difference.
God's creatures are born,
With all features and forms,
What counts is the love you dispense.

Copyright © June 2010
Kevin Mooney


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