Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Blackbird swimming in the dawn's grey light.
Shake your soakened wings with all your might,
Things aren't right.
You were only bathing now you're fighting to survive.

Blackbird sinking in the breaking light,
Spread your darkened wings instinctively.
Damn BP.
Escape this God forsaken hypocri-sea.

Blackbird try, Blackbird fly,

Reach for the heights of the clear blue sky.

Blackbird try, Please don't die.

There are no more answers, no more reasons why.

Blackbird giving it a final try.
Shaking desperately, trying to reach the sky,

Please don't die.

The world's forever praying for your blessed kind.
The world hopes and prays that your freedom find.
The world hopes and prays your race never dies.

Blackbird, why?

Oh God why?

Copyright © June 2010
Kevin Mooney


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