Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Love's The Common Key

A wedding poem. Think of There Is Love by Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary.

Let the spirit guide you as new life begins.
In our Father's eyes two joined as one are more than friends.
A gathering of angels rejoices in your name,
As those that stand beside you fan life's eternal flame.

A heart beats stronger when it's loved, has one to gaze upon.
Two hearts beat longer when united, they form a sacred bond.
The blending of two kindred spirits is something to behold,
As man and woman merge as one, heaven's bells are tolled.

So why should two in love conjoin in spirit and in faith?
Does matrimony infer commitment, pave the road we take?
Can a vow and ring ensure true bliss and harmony?
True love is forged through resolve and humility.

The Lord provides improvise for those who trust in him.
The strength and will that He supplies starts where trust begins.
Marriage is the threshold across which new life starts.
A sacred boundary that surrounds two committed hearts.

A man in need of purpose embarks upon a quest,
A woman's thoughts soon turn maternal, she seeks to build a nest.
Paths don't cross that often, most ships pass silently,
When two lives are synchronized, love's the common key.

Copyright © March 2010
Kevin Mooney



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