Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Reflections form a tapestry,
Of what once was and what might be.
Panoramic artistry,
Runs parallel endlessly.
Castles lined on fringless shores,
Stretch for miles toward evermore.

In between, a dark blue sea,
Divides two worlds equally.

Clouds disguise clear blue skies,
Conceal what's real to covered eyes.
Temporal breaks form cumulus wakes,
Mental quakes cause twists and shakes.
Grey tinged whites reveal dark knights.
While scattered storms gather might.

What you feel and what you see,
Aren't the same necessarily.

What is real and what affect?
Do rainbows ever intersect?
Time stands still in silhouettes,
Mine filled fields haunt weary vets.
Hallucinations resurrect,
Illusions men just soon forget.

Cerebral thoughts and tendencies,
All get lost in fantasies.

Mirrors forge what others see,
They store man's hypocrisies,
Fading echoes of forgotten times,
Shade dark shadows in broken minds.
Existence wanes across blue seas.
Wrist restraints fit you and me.

Within the depths, tranquility.
Cross thin lines, you might be free.

A mind entwined in fallacies,
Will resign to apathy.
Thoughts define one's sanity,
Veils confine serenity.
What's denied is what will be,
Try and find a remedy?

Upon inspection you might see,
Perfection's serendipity.

The sun may shine eternally,
While minds unwind internally.
Perceptions bind reality,
They can't refine finality.

Life is not eternity,
A perpetual fraternity.
One exception just might be,
Resurrection's sanctity.

Connections to man's prophesies,
Are reflections of what blind men see.

Copyright © March 2010
Kevin Mooney



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