Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Porcelain Seagull

Silly salty sea bird
See him surf and sail.
Wide wet webbed feet,
Wild whimsical tail.

Soft sultry feathers.
Sharp shifty eyes,
Weathering wicked weather,
Climbing cool clear skies.

White breasted angel,
Grey winged friend,
Glide aggressive angles,
Catch festive winds.

Duck-like yellow feet,
Eagle-like bald white head.
Hawk-like bent, pointed beak,
Yellow, touched with red.

Sentry, skilled scavenger,
Sea faring famous fowl,
For centuries a ravager,
At stern, port or bow.

Their Caw's quite distinctive,
It breaks a beachside lull,
Their cause quite instinctive,
The porcelain Seagull.

Copyright © April 2010
Kevin Mooney


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