Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shadows Loom

Shadows loom in empty rooms,
Where seven sisters died.
Gold deblumes and witches brooms,
Are all that's left behind.

Black roses bloom among mushrooms,
Faint voices turn to cries.
Eerie tunes amidst dark runes,
Greet innocent passersby.

Stories told by mystics old,
Illuminate the blind.
Signs foretold and hidden scrolls,
Are left for men to find.

Satan's spell's are known to well,
To law abiding men.
A sudden quell will often tell,
The righteous from the sin.

Those that lie must hereby,
Repent and then give in.
If they try to just get by,
The Dark Lord will have their skin.

Water flumes and peacock plumes,
Give way to worms and flies.
Werewolves croon at the moon,
As spirits whisper by.

Among the tombs and catacombs,
The corpses of men lie.
Amidst their realm dark shadows loom,
While the dead learn to fly.

Copyright © March 2010
Kevin Mooney



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