Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Boss

Grew up blinded by the city's bright lightT
Reigned supreme in Freehold's Branch BorougH.
Early success with A Park and E ShufflE
Earned him nicknames Doctor and B.
Tenth avenue froze out his Earth band triO,
It was Run that brought out the criticS.
New Jersey's son left no Backstreets with doubtS,
Got Rosalita out, both live and in studiO,
Streets of Fire and Dark Side were prooF.

ostered a Bad and Promised Land hiT,
River was double the fun to play witH,
Out in the Street he was always On FirE,
Made Courtney Cox the whole world's desirE.

ll Born in the US Danced in his streetS
Shared Spirits nightly with the fans he would meeT.
Brought his Hometown to each American's front dooR
Used folk and rock style to forge every scorE,
Revelled with Glory Days and Tunnels of LovE,
Youngstown and Joad made audiences erup

ainted Empty Skies with each brash Rising verB
All working men rise to his raucous personaA
Revered Pop Icon from fan to faN
King of folk rockers and JunglelanD.

Copyright © April 2010
Kevin Mooney



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