Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Juniper Jason Paul

The world was small to Juniper Paul,
Life to him was a bore.
He traveled the world, had seen it all,
Had everything he ever wished for.

See Juniper was a wealthy man,
Richer than ever need be.
His family left him money and land,
When they died he was just twenty-three.

He loved to travel, been round the world.
It was by far his favorite thing.
By airplane or boat, no matter the mode,
He lived his life like a King.

He dabbled in art and fancy race cars,
Wore gold and fine tailored suits.
Was instantly seated at restaurants and bars,
Adored diamonds and snakeskin boots.

He was the envy of enemies and paparazzi,
They all dreamed of being like him.
Where most drew the line between restraint and greed,
J. Paul's obsessions would begin.

Yes, life was a ball for Juniper Paul,
There was only one aspect he lacked.
The love of a another, someone to call,
His soul-mate, best friend, his better half.

No, Juniper Jason Paul never married,
Never had feelings for another.
He couldn't find time, toward love he was blind,
Never cared, never shared or ever bothered.

Though he was rich in fortune and name,
He was poor where life mattered most.
Old Juniper Jason Paul soon became,
A Mr. Potter, an Ebenezer, a ghost.

Copyright © April 2010
Kevin Mooney


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