Saturday, May 8, 2010

Please Listen

I wrote this poem in May of 1980. The painting is by Jon Pitre called A New Dawn (google it). It is a post apocalyptic rendition of New York City. It was painted in 1966 on almost the exact site of ground zero for 9/11. The twin towers were built in 1971. I own this print...

Today, yesterday, tomorrow, Is it all worth the sorrow?
Nation's divided,
People misguided,
How many lives must we borrow?

In a world where oil and gold glisten,
Where love for thy neighbor is missin'
Men abandon thy hate,
Respect one another's fate,
And to the future's bleak cry just listen.

Truth's a political thorn,
Between right and wrong we are torn,
Forget the past,
Avoid the blast,
Hear the bugler's faint horn.

To those everywhere cast your blessings,
For life in this world's beyond messing,
Dispose of thy arms,
Sound the alarms,
And for God's sake please listen.

Copyright © May 2009
Kevin Mooney


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