Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sue (A Cinderella Poem)

Poems have lost their appeal,
They seem reluctant in what they reveal.
For me it's simply not true,
I'm still one of the few,
Who writes just what I feel.

I once met a girl named Sue,
Through someone that neither of us knew.
It occurred one night at a dance,
A classic old-time romance,
In the Rathskeller at George Mason U.

At first I was a little bit scared,
"Would you like to dance? No, I don't dare."
Then she turned to me,
And like the red sea,
My fears parted with that first little stare.

I could see she was no ordinary girl,
To me she stood out like a pearl.
She wore elegant glasses,
One of those sophisticated lasses,
And her hair was all done in curls.

We danced and we talked about school,
This little lady was nobody's fool,
Straight A's, a science major,
Not even I could upstage her,
And to think, I only came to shoot pool.

She attended a local college I found,
A small school outside of Charles Town,
She was older in years,
Which didn't help my fears,
As I asked her to write her number down.

As the evening approached it's end,
She said she'd be home every weekend,
She rose with the last song,
And put her long coat on,
The question in my mind was when?

Like Cinderella she flew,
As she did, there was one thing I knew.
Though we parted,
Something has started,
Between me and a girl named Sue.

Copyright © May 1980
Kevin Mooney



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