Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Frisbee Catching Dog

I wrote this in September 1979 for my loving and faithful dog Nugget, the best dog in the world. He was best friend for 12 years...

He certainly is a lazy ole fella,
This friend of mine.
Some say, "He's just a dumb animal"
I don't really mind.
Besides, I know him better than anyone.

Sure he's lazy,
Aren't all his kind?
He's a dog, part husky,
Their coats aren't fine.
And I know him better than anyone...

Don't let his laziness fool you though.
He's merely waiting for the time,
When I take him out,
Turn him loose,
And let that saucer fly.

For he's the Frisbee Catching Dog,
A legend in his time,
An honest-to-God celebrity,
With the ability to climb...

...high above friends and foes,
'till soaring disc he finds,
Then gradually to earth he floats,
then turning on a dime...

...back to me he brings the disc,
At my feet, he lets it lie.
Then sits and shines, as if to say,
"Come on, just one more time?"

So I grab the plate,
Cock my arm,
At once he's off he's off his behind.
There it goes,
The wind's got it now,
But where's that mutt of mine?

Oh well, like I said,
This ole fella's past his prime,
He's the laziest frisbee catching dog,
The world will ever find.
And of course, I know him better than anyone...

Copyright © May 2009
Kevin Mooney


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