Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Would It Be Like?

I wrote this in 1980 when the war in Afghanistan was going on. Ironically it still is...

One day I was driving home from school.
I saw two army trucks, dressed in camouflage and green paint,
Rolling down the highway, heading in the opposite direction.
It was an unusual sight, and ironic at the time,
When war seemed so inevitable.
I watched as they drove by, seemingly unnoticed,
And thought to myself...

What would it be like?

To live in a world such as Korea, Vietnam or Afghanistan,
Where military trucks rolling down the highway is a common site,
A belligerent world, where soldiers line the streets,
And fighter jets and helicopters fill the air.

What would it be like?

To live in constant fear.
To never be sure what tomorrow will bring.
To not know the meaning of trust and love of thy neighbor.
To watch people that you know die before your eyes.

What would it be like?

Copyright © May 1980
Kevin Mooney


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